Dee Joseph Brown is an American singer, musician, songwriter, and producer residing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Dee and Bernadine Brown. His parents are both pastors so, naturally, his musical journey started in the Pentecostal church. The third of four children, he learned a lot about music at an early age from his oldest sister Deyonka – who eventually started “Anointed Vessels” (a gospel quartet made up of all four siblings). They sang primarily at local churches and when their father traveled for ministry. This was where Dee’s lifelong passion for music began to blossom. By 6th grade, Dee was accepted to Classen School of Advanced Studies, an Arts magnet school in OKC, as a music major. During his time there (6th – 11th grade) he added cello and piano to his musical aspirations. By high school Dee was dabbling in writing and composing and came to know that music  was what he would devote his life to. 

     Dee’s family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico his senior year of high school and he finished that year at Sandia High. From there, he continued to study music at the University of New Mexico and Santa Fe University of Art and Design and sharpened both his technical skill and performance ability. He also established the UNM gospel choir and began to establish himself as a leader and music director in many capacities. 

     While serving as music directing at St Timothy’s Lutheran Church, he formed the gospel group Dee Brown and Breakthrough and in 20011 released a full length (Self recorded) gospel album entitled “Jesus Never Fails” ( He was 27 years old, had no money, no idea how to make a record, and a new baby (Daughter Malia), but he was determined to get his music recorded. The album was recorded and mixed in his second story office at the back of the church. He played multiple instruments and also did a lot of background singing on many of the songs in order to get it done. Good friends and musicians around Albuquerque helped him with the rest. It was the best learning experience of Dee’s life and it led him to work even harder toward his musical goals. 

     The following year he did some traveling with that group and started to learn the ins and outs of the music business. He’s continued to work in music over the years as a church music director and also performing as a keyboardist and singer with many bands around New Mexico and beyond (NuMethods, The Diamond Empire band, Isaac Aragon and the healing, Rebecca Arscot and One Heart Fiya, etc). During this time, he never lost his passion to get HIS music heard. 

  This new project is, in a way, a departure from the “Breakthrough” days in that it is not a gospel album. In other ways, it is simply a continuation of expressing who he is through music. The lead single Good Time is just the beginning of Dee’s plan for a three album series entitled “Life, Love, and Faith”. These are the things that matter most to him and his hope is that after listening to these works in their entirety, the listener will know a lot more about who he truly is. Both as an artist and as a person.